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Newly Added Names

If you click on the prayer list tab it has more information about the person Please Pray for people on the list they need your help to. Newly added name appear at the bottom

  • Chris T.-Medical/Job
  • Bailey T- Salvation
  • John Paul -Auto accident
  • Robin P- Needs Salvation
  • Nancy O- Protection
  • Lisa J Tiger F- Strength in troubling times
  • Matthew D.- Health living in pain
  • Angela B.- Going through hard times.
  • Drake H-Troubling Times
  • Ashlee J- Medical & seed of Faith for her Heart
  • Jonas P- Kidneys problems and Alcohol abuse
  • Brenda J-Medical in Hospital now
  • Bailey Cole T-Salvation
  • Janet B- Seeking true love / Husband
  • Ivon N- seeking prayer for Parents
  • Jeff the Mailman- Medical
  • Justin- Covid 19
  • Angel 12yrs old -Double Pneumonia
  • Jackie W-Brain injury
  • Doug E- Need a Job and Financial Problems
  • Pat Sanco – Congestive Heart failure
  • Mack Eye surgery
  • Robin P- Breathing problems
  • Chiana- Breast Cancer
  • Bertha – Auto wreck/Auto Injury
  • TJ Curtis- Covid19 +
  • Lisa J Tiger Finn Pain and Discomfort
  • Sam P- possible Covid
  • Doug E- under a lot of Stress
  • Ryan Q- Church Home
  • Micki S- Back pain
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Dr. Angel Martinez Man’s but a few days 01/21/2022

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Bible Version Examined Conference

Dr. Phil Stringer
Why We Must Share the Gospel
Dr. Phil Stringer
Why I use the King James Bible
Dr. Phil Stringer
Where the modern Bible Came From
Dr. Phil Stringer
Aren’t All Bibles Basically the Same ?
Dr. Phil Stringer
How The Acceptance Of The Modern Translations Are Preparing Unsaved Churchgoers For The 1-World Religion Of the Antichrist
South Height Baptist Church

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Strategy for your walk
  • Prayer is 90% of your walk
  • Reading your Bible morning and Night two times a day
  • Understanding that your lost without Jesus in your life
  • Knowing God place Faith in your Heart and the Holy Spirit
  • Sharing the Word with other people
  • Living For Jesus
  • Building a Pray list to pray for others
Grow in Understanding

your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Psalm 119:105

Hope in Jesus

How my life was changed and I was saved By Jesus Christ and you to can be Saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ Lord and Savior

About Us

Christian Man that want to share the Word of God with you and maybe you to find Jesus Christ and will share the Word with someone you care about.

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