Building the Podcast

Hello everyone I would like to talk about building the podcast its been a real joy to work on the podcast and my hope is that you find Jesus and God pathway that they have made for you before time, well we are getting a lot of people that have downloaded and some people have been coming back that great and they are from all over the World so keep coming back and check the website for new content your Friend in Christ Dave

Nothing New under the Sun

Theirs nothing new under the sun. Everything will happen again they will come for the Christian people and the thing we believe in and try and pull it down and they will win and are way of life will change we are seeing America die right before our eyes hate runs the street today and the politicians are weak the Christian people are weak everyone afraid to say anything about what happening in the USA today the Democrat’s love this chaos and the covid19 and anything else they can blame President Trump. they want to punish the American people for voting Trump Right now college’s are not schools for learning they are now indoctrination to the Leftist Ideology and the High schools are now become the same so that what you are seeing the Leftist agenda starting to appear in society, since Obama presidency they have been removing conservative professors and Teacher from universities and high school for the past 8 years and started pushing theirs ideology and now you can see what they have been up to the left and the Democrats their agenda is to erase everything so they can lay the ground work for the one world government. and the News Media and Social Media Company’s and Hollywood Elites and the one percent-er aka super rich and the Democrats and the Leftist all have their part to play, that’s who we are fighting against not people but powers and principalities against the rulers of the darkness of this world Ephesus 6:12 and whats your part seek out God and the things of God while you still have time because theirs coming a time when the Christian way of life will be gone and Satan will take control of the world and Jesus Lord and King will Come with his army and the Saints with him to destroy this world and to lock up Satan and his people for ever and then God will destroy this world and build a new world for us his people so that we can live in a place that knew no sin just like Jesus. so do your part share Jesus with someone today. because it look like the other side is winning this one because the Christian people don’t share Jesus anymore

John Chapter 8:51
Truly,Truly, I say to you, If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.
let’s take a look at this verse real quick: you will never see death , Death is a spirit a real being that was created when Adam and Eve sinned in the garden and for a long time death ran freely over the earth then came Jesus and He put Death to a end for his people yes that’s right Christian are free from Death and you will never see death Jesus said that in the above verse so when Christian people die Jesus may come for you or He may send a love one to come take you home Death comes for the Lost people of the world the black hooded figure with bone on full display carrying a sickle is going to Hell the bible say’s Death shall be thrown into Hell with Satan and the fallen Angels and the Lost people of the world. So rejoice to know you will never see Death and when your times come Jesus or someone that you loved will be there to guide across the Jordon river into the promised land. God Bless you all and I hope this Post brings you great comfort.

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