Prayer List

We are seeking people in need of prayer so if you know someone that need help please send us a prayer request in the menu bar and we will pray for them and post theirs Name so other can pray for them too.

Prayer How does it work well if you have a problem in your life you look for other people with that same problem and pray for them and God will help that person but God will help you out the same way Don’t just pray for yourself but take other people to God in prayer that your job as a Christian person love each other.

  1. Chris T.-Medical/Job
  2. Joni P.-Medical
  3. Raymond S.-Medical
  4. Bailey T- Salvation
  5. Robin P- need Salvation
  6. Nancy O- Home not safe people coming in on her
  7. Lisa J Tiger F – Needs strength in troubling time
  8. Matthew D- this person suffering from Pain and Health problems
  9. Oklahoma Unemployment System is messed up a lot of people are going without because they can’t file a claim or set up a account to file is bad a lot of people everyday are suffering please pray for them.
  10. Ashlee J- Had a medical problem the other day and she need a seed of faith in her heart
  11. Jonas P- Living with no Food or Money and feeling lonely and depressed and now having health problems
  12. Brenda J- Medical problems in the Hospital Now
  13. Janet B- Seeking Someone to share her life with
  14. Ivon N- His parent are going thought troubling times the Dad has fell into adultery and his Mom is with broken heart due to the unfaithfulness
  15. Jeff the mailman had surgery on his wrist for carpal tunnel and now is having trouble with soreness with his wrist and healing slowly.
  16. Justin came down with Covid 19 and some of his family members may have it to
  17. Angel 12yr old Female Child has Double Pneumonia
  18. Jackie W- she suffering from a brain injury
  19. Doug E- Doug is about to lose his home due to Taxes he can’t pay right now Due to no Job and He’s having a hard time Finding a Job
  20. Pat Sanco has Congestive heart failure
  21. Mack going to have eye surgery and he only has one eye and He’s worried that he might lose he sight
  22. Robin Partridge is having breathing problems this is my uncle
  23. Chiana is my Mailman wife she having surgery for breast Cancer soon.
  24. Bertha was in a car wreck and total out her car and sustained injury from the accident.
  25. TJ Curtis is sick from Covid19 and she the only one that brings money in to the family
  26. Ryan Q. having to decide on a place for his Family
  27. Micki S- She suffering from back pain

Tulsa Police Need Prayers

Shooting today 06/29/2020 during a traffic stop for a paper tag that had expired the driver shot the Sergeant Johnson in the head and the body and shot another Officer Zarkeshan in the head and the upper and lower body. the suspect has been arrested and is currently in the Tulsa jail.

Please pray for these fine young men and their family’s

Update 06/30/2020 Sergeant Johnson passed away today He had a Wife and Two Boys please pray for them in this time of loss

Update 07/16/2020 Officer Zarkeshan was discharged from the Hospital today and on his way to a rehabilitation center for finally after care so please keep praying for him.

Update Video Link 08/20/2020
Officer Zarkeshan has been on the job for 6 weeks and after training in the Police academy for 7 months
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